Independent Study

Independent Study (IS) is an instructional model that is conducive to self-development and personal growth. Attendance in an IS learning studio is recorded through work completion not physical presence. IS allows learners to choose a problem or topic that has particular meaning for the individual and following it to a point where it satisfies his/her curiosity or need at the time aligned to standards. Independent study courses are completed under the direction of educational facilitators. For more information visit our Innovation Studios or Exploration programs.


  • To individualize and enrich curriculum to produce more highly motivated, independent, and self-reliant life long learners.
  • To encourage learners to pursue a self-directed, self-initiated intellectual inquiry.
  • To give learners the opportunity to develop good independent study habits and to learn to effectively manage their time.
  • To provide an opportunity to study an established subject to a level beyond the existing curriculum or to study an area not presently included in our course offerings.