Your child’s bright future begins right here, right now!

iLEAD Antelope Valley’s K-8 program offers the best start for your student on their path to becoming a life-long Learner. iLEAD Antelope Valley Tuition Free Public Charter Learning Center is an open and fun multi-age Project-Based Learning Studio environment that promotes deep and lasting learning while celebrating independent thinking, cooperation and the development of critical 21st century skills.

At iLEAD Antelope Valley, families and students are integral in the development of their unique Individual Learning Plans (ILP). This ILP, along with the preference of the family, informs the number of days that a Learner chooses to engage in independent study or to attend the Antelope Valley learning center. While at the learning center, Learners are free to participate in projects, enrichment activities, and a wide variety of scheduled course offerings. And of course all learners are welcome at the center anytime to work on their projects, collaborate and socialize with their fellow Learners or meet with Staff and Facilitators.

We are rapidly filling up for the approaching academic year, so NOW is the time to get your Learner enrolled into iLEAD Antelope Valley. Just fill out our simple Intent To Enroll form to get your Learner started on their bright future at iLEAD Antelope Valley!

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