What is the learner-to-teacher/facilitator ratio?

Our ratio is no more than 25:1 with multiple opportunities for 1:1 meetings, small-group instruction, and personalized learning.

How many days per week should/can my child attend?

Your learner may come in up to three days per week for a few hours a day, or s/he may complete all learning via video conference through our secure video platform. Families must meet in person with their facilitator once every 20 days for a meeting.

Can I tour the studio?

Yes. Please contact options@ileadschools.org to arrange a visit, or attend one of our virtual information sessions.

Do I receive instructional funds, and what can I use them for?

Yes. You will receive annual instructional funds for use on curated instructional curriculum, learning materials, and extracurricular and elective activities in the community. The program will provide technology and core curricular projects as part of the program separate of instructional fund use.

Who chooses, assigns and grades work?

We put the learner at the center of their learning, and we work to support the learner’s Individualized Learning Plan. The credentialed teacher (Educational Facilitator, or EF) assigns, provides instruction and support, and grades learner work and projects. We view parents and guardians as partners in education and recognize the level of support it takes from families for a learner to succeed in a home study program.

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