Program Differences

What is the difference between iLEAD Antelope Valley and iLEAD AV Exploration?


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Hybrid Exploration – Home Study

Flexible attendance opportunities. Two in-person live instruction studio days, plus option to come into the studio for support the remaining days of the week.

Flexible schedule and drop-off options. In-person check-in every 20 days. Virtual check-in once per week, with opportunities for more virtual and in-person support.

Type of Program Non-classroom-based Non-classroom-based
Grade Levels TK-8 TK-8
Who is the teacher? Facilitators instruct in-person groups of students. Facilitators support individual students who complete work toward their goals at home. Additional support is available in the learning center.
Curriculum iLEAD project-based and social-emotional learning curriculum.
iLEAD project-based and social-emotional learning curriculum personalized for each child. Plus access instructional funds for additional education materials, curriculum, and software.
Technology Technology available on campus for all learning needs. Laptop provided for home study use. Plus access technology and
printers in the studio.
Locations In-studio days happen at the studio One in-person meeting with EF every 20 days. Additional EF check-ins can happen in studio or virtually.
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