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iLEAD AV Highlights of the Week

Our Care Team staff members are so wonderful for our learning community and soooo cool! Kona Ice was at iLEAD AV to remind the public that you can get Kurbside Kona, and they will be popping up around the area!Read More

iLEAD Antelope Valley End of Year Parade

Kindergarten and 8th Grade Celebration/End-of-Year Parade

Come see your facilitators and staff for an end of year celebration car parade! When: June 5, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM Where: iLEAD AV back parking lot (valet) All staff, parents, and learners, come celebrate our kindergarten and 8th graders andRead More

iLEAD AV Highlights of the Week

Kinder Round-Up On March 11, we hosted our Kinder Round-Up. It was a huge success and all the families who came signed up for next year!

Setting a World Record

Garrett Aitken wants to set a world record for the Guinness World Records by bouncing on a space hopper! He said, “Basically I am going to be bouncing around the track on a space hopper for a long time. I’veRead More

The Valet Process: Policy Update Regarding Learner Pickup in the Front Office

Dear iLEAD AV families, As you know, our valet process has changed for the better! Because of this and the fact that we all work together on valet, there will be no learner pickup in the front office after 3:15Read More

Learn at iLEAD Antelope Valley

A Few Reminders…

Late Sign-In Procedure All learners must be signed in after 9:00 a.m. There are no drop-offs. Please come in to the front office and sign in the book at the front desk. Valet Many of you may have noticed thatRead More

ELAC, iSupport & Kona Ice Dates to Add to Your Calendar

ELAC Meetings: March 17, 2020; April 28, 2020; May 19, 2020 iSupport Meetings: March 12, 2020; April 2, 2020; May 7, 2020; June 4, 2020 Kona Ice Days: March 27, 2020; April 24, 2020; May 29, 2020

Our Goals

Our planning and preparation are consistent with our three Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) goals. We’re looking forward to sharing how we’re meeting each goal throughout the school year, and we’ve listed the goals below: Goal 1: Provide optimalRead More

iLEAD AV Highlights of the Week

1st Graders Explore Sound Waves Ms. Basty and Ms. Mel’s 1st grade classes are working on their next POL on sound waves. They are creating musical instruments, including drums, trumpets, and guitars, to teach and entertain an audience with sounds.Read More

Update to the Valet Process

Dear iLEAD AV families, We have had some challenges during our valet time. To make the process smoother, we’re having learners line up on the field with their facilitators so they’re ready to go. Parents can come between 3:30 toRead More

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