Category: Workshops

Learners in the Spotlight

In the dance workshop for kindergarten, Miss Shyrelle is teaching the learners coordination by practicing with streamers.

Workshop of the Week: Rock Band

Mr. Roque, the second grade facilitator,  teaches “Rock Band” to our learners each week. He says he wants to inspire them to learn something they never learned before. Even if they have no experience playing a musical instrument or singing,Read More

Workshop Update!

The learners have been enjoying all the many workshops iLEAD AV offers for the last two weeks. Please note we will no longer be changing any workshops for learners. These workshops will continue until the end of this semester. LearnersRead More

Workshop of the Week: Swimming!

Mr. Bogdan, the 5th grade facilitator,  is the lifeguard for the swimming workshops. The learners will be learning several swimming skills. In beginning swim they will be learning floating and front kicks. In free swim they will be learning streamlineRead More

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