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Message from the Director

I have a few updates and thanks to share this week.

Learners have requested the opportunity to sell toys and food to others. We want to continue to promote entrepreneurship; however, learners cannot sell anything on campus that is not pre-approved for a school fundraiser.

Thank you to last week’s iSupport Parent Collaborative. Your participation greatly contributes to the school community.

Thank you for attending the Fall Festival. It was a huge success, and it was our largest turnout! Thank you to all the learners who entered the pumpkin carving contest and the costume contest.  

I would also like to thank our Fall Festival Coordinator, our own Holly Vasconez; our facilitators; care team members; Delores Synegard of Little iLEADers; and Kona Ice. It was your collaborative work that made the event a success!

The kindergarten Presentation of Learning was adorable. The learners taught weather concepts with ease. A few learners even presented to the CEO of PBL Global, Dr. Thom Markham. We are grateful for his work with our schools, facilitators, and learners.


It's not too late to join iLEAD AV iSUPPORT!

iSUPPORT Meeting: April 6

It’s not too late to join our family volunteer group, iSUPPORT! Please consider joining to help us make memories for our learners. We host family nights, school activities, and events.Read More

iLEAD Antelope Valley Panorama Survey

Check Your Email for Our Survey from Panorama Education!

Dear Families, We value your feedback! We are asking you to take a brief survey through Panorama Education to tell us about your experience with iLEAD Antelope Valley. To ensureRead More

Empower Generations learner

A Note from Empower Generations to Our 8th Grade Families

A message from the team at Empower Generations: Calling All iLEAD 8th Graders and Families! It’s time to think about high school registration for 2023-2024! Your next chapter begins hereRead More

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