Monday Message for March 18, 2019

Message from the Director

  • iLEAD AV will hold its first English Learner Advisory Committee (ELAC) meeting on Thursday, March 21, from 9-10 a.m. in Room 17. We cordially invite you to this important meeting where members will be nominated and elected to ELAC, and we will discuss English learner programs that are in place at our school to help our English learner students do better in their education.
  • Thank you to the iSupport Parent Collaborative for last week’s collab. Your recommendation that we have learner representatives on the team brought learner voices to our collaborative.
  • The Learner Achievement Grant gives our learners additional opportunities to have fun and master Math and English Language Arts (ELA) skills, which prepares learners to excel on MAP assessments and state-mandated testing.  
  • We are happy to announce that the iLEAD AV after-school tutoring and Saturday Academy are possible because we received the grant.  Thank you to all of the learners and families who are participating!
  • Please join us on Wednesday, March 20, for our annual Family Night Fundraiser at Red Robin in Palmdale. See you there!
  • Thursday, March 21, is a MINIMUM DAY

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AV Athletics

Last Week’s Games

  • Congratulations to our girls basketball team and coaches, who won their first game on Tuesday, March 12!
  • Congratulations to our boys basketball team, who played their first games last week on Tuesday, March 12th, and Thursday, March 14th, after several games were rained out. Your heart and teamwork at your first game on Tuesday was inspiring!

This Week’s Games


  • Girls basketball game: Wednesday, March 20, at Bethel (3100 W. Avenue K Lancaster, CA 93536) at 3:30 p.m.
  • Girls basketball game: Thursday, March  21, at St. Mary’s (1600 E. Avenue R-4 Palmdale, CA 93550) at 3:30 p.m.


  • Boys basketball game: Tuesday, March 19, at Bethel (3100 W. Avenue K Lancaster, CA 93536) at 3:30 p.m.
  • Boys basketball game: Wednesday, March 20, at Sacred Heart.  Park at Sacred Heart. (625 W. Kettering St. Lancaster, CA 93534)  The game is at American Heroes Park at 3:30 p.m.



iLEAD AV Region’s Annual Vision in Education Benefit Dinner Coming Up

iLEAD AV Region’s Annual Vision in Education Benefit Dinner (click here for tickets) is coming up Friday, April 26th, and we need volunteers. This event supports iLEAD AV, iLEAD Lancaster, and Empower Generations.

Please join us at our next meeting on Monday, March 25th, at 10 a.m. on our iLEAD Lancaster campus (254 E. Ave. K-4  Lancaster, CA. 93535).

This is our LARGEST fundraiser of the year! In addition to raising money for our Learners and OUR schools, it is a great opportunity to bring in the community to spotlight our learners and what iLEAD is all about!

The excitement is building and volunteers are needed, and that’s where you can help! This SignUP Genius has several different items that we are looking for to create baskets, experiences, or packages for our live and silent auctions.

We are in need of volunteers for the following roles:

  • Stage Manager
  • Photographer
  • Silent Auction Support
  • Live Auction Support
  • Learner Support
  • Floaters
  • Volunteer Coordinator

Click here to sign up!

If you have questions, please email

iLEAD AV Saturday Academy & After School Tutoring

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Parent Resources

Last week’s 7 Habits focus was Habit 2: Begin With the End in Mind. “Begin With the End in Mind” means to think about how you would like something to turn out before you get started. Reading a recipe before cooking or looking at a map before leaving on a trip is beginning with the end in mind. For young children, a good example is that of a jigsaw puzzle. Before doing a puzzle, they look at the cover of the box. They start with the end in mind.

Younger-Child Activities

  • For Habit 2, provide a good base for activities around goal setting. As a family (or with an individual child), choose an area that needs improvement. The area of improvement, or the broad goal, becomes your end in mind. Then think of specific steps that will lead to achieving this goal. For example, if the goal is to improve as a reader, specific steps may include reading a certain amount of time every day or working several times a week to improve oral fluency.
  • Ask your child if there is something special he or she would like to buy, then help your child plan how much money he or she will need to save and how long it will take. Discuss ideas for earning extra money, like doing additional chores and helping around the house.
  • Create a “wants” and “needs” collage with your child. Cut out pictures of various items (toys, candy, vegetables, cleaning supplies, appliances, books, etc .) from a magazine and then ask your child to paste them under the correct column of “wants” or “needs”. Discuss why he or she chose to put the items in the respective columns.

Learn how Leader in Me (7 Habits) can help parents and guardians establish a powerful framework to nurture and develop life-ready leadership skills at home. The excerpt above is from The Leader in Me Parent’s Guide. This link will give you access to the entire resource.

The 7 Habits: Habit Number 3

This week’s 7 Habits focus is Habit 3: Put First Things First. Page 8 of The Leader in Me Parent’s Guide states: “‘Put First Things First,’ which means to decide what is most important and to take care of that first. Thinking about what needs to be done tomorrow or by the end of the week can be overwhelming, especially for children. Learning to think of which things are the most important and taking care of them first allows children (and adults) to be less stressed.

If your child uses a planner at school, then he or she has a great organizational tool, too. Put First Things First in writing. By writing down his or her responsibilities and planning ahead, last-minute trips to the store, missed events, or missed homework are avoided. If your child does not use a planner, having a weekly log would also be helpful. This could simply be a piece of paper that is used each week. Modeling this behavior is one of the best ways to teach.”

Catching Character and the 7 Habits in Action

Last week, the 7 Habits focus was Habit 2: Begin with the End in Mind. We would like to acknowledge our 6th grade learner, Lanai Gant, for demonstrating Habit 2. She is on the iLEAD AV Girls Basketball Team and serves as a student representative to our iSupport Parent Collaborative. Her facilitator, Ms. Rhonna, notes that she consistently puts her academics first!

Curriculum Corner

Georgia Math

  • To support the learners, we have adopted a new math curriculum! Click here to watch a short video about the Georgia Math strategies that are all aligned to the Common Core State Standards.
  • There are many ideas and strategies to support our learners at home.  GeorgiaStandards.Org allows parents easy access to information about the state’s standards, which are aligned to our California Common Core State Standards.
  • This website also offers a variety of free resources to help you motivate and support your child’s curriculum at home while reinforcing the standards your child is working on in the classroom. Click here for more info.

Daily 5

  • We are also fine-tuning our implementation of Daily 5 and the CAFE strategies. Read to Self and Read to Someone are strategies that learners can also do at home with you.  Please encourage them to do so at least 20 minutes a day.
  • We purchased a total of 1,300 narrative and informational texts so that each classroom received 100 new books for their libraries. This will support our implementation of Daily 5. Please continue to encourage your learners to Read to Self, Read to Someone, or Listen to Reading at home.

The Importance of Reading

Please take a moment to click here and review a great article on “How Reading 20 Minutes a Day Impacts your Child,” and join us as we continue our schoolwide reading initiative.

Educators have long said reading makes people smarter, and there’s research backing them up. A recent study conducted by the American Academy of Pediatrics found reading to children of any age wakens a number of regions in the left part of the brain. The areas in the brain that become active involve understanding the meaning of words and concepts tied to memory.

Upcoming Events

March 2019

Wednesday, 3/20: iLEAD Schools Family Night at Red Robin in Palmdale (click to open Google Maps)

3/21-3/22: Learner-Led Conferences

April 2019

4/15-4/22: Spring break

Friday 4/26: Vision in Education Benefit Dinner; Tickets go on sale this week.


Our Goals

Our planning and preparation is consistent with our three Local Control and Accountability Plan (LCAP) goals. I am looking forward to sharing how we are meeting each goal throughout the school year, and I have listed the goals below:

Goal 1: Provide optimal conditions of learning through providing basic services, implementation of California State Standards, and access to an academic and educational program.

Goal 2: Provide all learners with a rigorous, creative, and broad curriculum to maximize academic achievement and college and career readiness.

Goal 3: Generate active engagement between parents/families and the school, and connections with the community, to promote learner achievement and communication among all stakeholders.

Keeping the Valet Process Moving

Dear iLEAD AV families, thank you for your patience as we perfect our new valet procedure on 22nd Street West. The morning and afternoon process is going smoothly. With your support, each day became more efficient and every learner was directed to class or walked in by their parents or an iLEAD AV team member.

Thank you for your feedback on the new valet procedure. As a result, we were able to make a few changes to improve the process:

  1. In the mornings, the Valet gate now opens at 8 a.m.;
  2. Based on parent requests, in the afternoon the valet gate opens at 3:00 p.m.;
  3. Many of you requested the opportunity to walk on site to pick up your learners in the afternoon. To honor your request, we added to our process. Please park on 22nd Street West, walk on to the valet lot using the exit gate, and present your valet card. You will be able to walk to the classroom to pick up your learner/learners;
  4. Please remember the valet traffic flow pattern. There are no left turns to enter or exit the lot.
  5. To help us continue to be good neighbors, please do not block the driveways for Miller Elementary School or KinderCare on 22nd St. West. To assist us with that, our leadership and maintenance team has designed a new flow pattern to get more of our parents inside the valet area.

Pick-up is from 3:30-4 p.m. Learners who have not been retrieved by 4 p.m. will go to extended care and accounts will be billed at $3 per hour, per learner.

Additional Procedures

As promised at the end of last school year, we have created a solution for our parking dilemma.  The owner of the shopping center asked all parents and staff to stop parking there and posted signs warning us that cars would be towed, so that is no longer an option.   

I am happy to report we will begin using our lot on 22nd Street West for Valet before and after school. The lot is very large.  As a result, we will no longer have Valet in front of the school.

To access the lot, please turn right on K-4 from 20th Street West. You will pass Miller Elementary School, drive right around the bend, and make a right into our lot. At the start of the day, your learner will be greeted and escorted onto campus.  At the end of the day, your learner will be summoned and escorted to your car. Please be sure to post your Valet card on the dashboard daily. Once your learner is safely in your car, you will exit the lot and make a right, which will take you to Avenue K. We will have cones, signs, and iLEAD team members to support you and the learners.

In the mornings, the Valet lot will open at 8:00 a.m., and it will open at 3:00 p.m. for dismissal. If you are walking your learner to class in the morning, we will have a parking area in the lot just for you.

A Few Reminders…

Parent Square: Click the Apple or Android links to download the app to your smartphone for free and get instant alerts.



iSupport: Get involved and help make change! Join iLEAD’s version of PTA. We need you! Learn More

Lunch Program and March Menu

Please submit your Free/Reduced lunch application to the front office as soon as possible. Lunch balances must remain under $20 this school year. Please make payments in the front office. NO LUNCH on Fridays.

Meal Prices:

Breakfast: $ 1.60

Lunch: $2.95

Reduced prices:

Breakfast: 30 cents

Lunch: 40 cents

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Healthy Food Policy

Learners will be more active and exerting much more energy outside. With that said they will need refreshing fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and as much water as possible. We’d like to share with you our health and wellness policy to reference and support you and your learners in making good food choices for nourishing the body and mind.

Please keep healthy choices in mind when packing snacks and lunches for school. Thank you for helping us support your learner!  

What About Those Heelys?

We’ve seen an influx of Heelys on campus. Learners are zipping along the halls and on the playspaces. While we LOVE fun and seeing our learners enjoying themselves, we have to ask that they don’t use the wheels while at school. Please understand this is a safety concern for learners and staff. We want to prevent accidents and keep everyone safe. Heelys brand shoes can be worn; just please remove the wheels for school.

General safety guidelines also include no skateboards or bicycles being ridden on campus; they must be carried and walked. Thank you for your understanding and support!

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