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iAV Exploration: Learner Community Project

iAV Exploration Learner Community Project

Our learners have been busy working on their first big project the last several weeks! The projects are centered around the theme of community and each grade level is focusing on different aspects of community through history standards! They are diving deep to answer the driving question of “What makes a community thrive (and fail)?” Stay tuned for more information about their upcoming Presentation of Learning (POL), where the learners will be showcasing what they have learned!


Social Emotional Learning iLEAD AV

iLEAD Antelope Valley Culture: Components of Social-Emotional Learning — Grit

What does it take to really succeed? Some might call it drive or determination. At iLEAD Antelope Valley, we like to call it grit, and it is a crucial componentRead More

Logo Design Contest

Logo Design Contest

Check out iLEAD AV’s logo design contest!

Winter Production

Winter Production

Thank you to the families that came to support our learners during the winter production program.

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