Founding Story

Workshop Fridays Are In Full Swing

Dot Art

Learners are having a blast with their Workshop Fridays. Here are some workshops we are highlighting this week:
In Science Experiments Club, the learners explored
how to make lava.
Dot Art
In All Around the World, they learned about
Australia and made kangaroos with dot art.
Swim Activities
In Swim, they learned the fundamentals of
kicking and floating.


Entrepreneurial Skills

Entrepreneurial Development Key To iLEAD, Future Of Work

iLEAD Schools have embraced entrepreneurship from its inception. After all, the ‘E’ in iLEAD stands for Entrepreneurial Development. Foundationally, working in teams, taking risks and learning from failure nurture entrepreneurism. Read More

AV Bugs

1st, 2nd Graders Enjoy Mini Project While Connecting To Larger PBL Work

Who Doesn’t Like Roly Polies? Well, the learners in Ms. Basty and Mr. Kahle’s 1st and 2nd-grade class sure do! The learners are fascinated by them. So, they decided toRead More

Digital Citizenship

Digital Citizenship Week

The California Department of Education (CDE) in collaboration with Common Sense Education will celebrate CDE Digital Citizenship Week October 18-23, 2021. You can find resources and lessons through the CommonRead More

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