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1st, 2nd Graders Enjoy Mini Project While Connecting To Larger PBL Work


Who Doesn’t Like Roly Polies?

Well, the learners in Ms. Basty and Mr. Kahle’s 1st and 2nd-grade class sure do! The learners are fascinated by them. So, they decided to make a mini-project out of their interest.

For the past several weeks, the learners have been working on a project about the habitats of different animals in various environments around the world. The Driving Question is “How can I teach others to care about animals and their environment?”

As they prepare for their first Presentation Of Learning this week for this project, they continue to make connections along the way. This week, they extended their learning by connecting their project to current interests and curiosity of the Roly Polies (Pill Bugs or Millipedes) on campus. The learners were given buckets to collect Roly Polies to observe and write about.

They were able to investigate where their little friends decided to immerse themselves in the bucket. Do they like to live under the grass and dirt or above? Why do you think that is? This gave their learners an idea of how habitats help their survival and a stepping stone to their further project of how animals adapt and survive in their surroundings.

We are looking forward to their research and examination of their culminating project of their own choice of animal and habitat! Our first and second graders are doing some amazing work!

(Stay Tuned for an upcoming feature story on the larger project)


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